Rainbow Cookie




🛑🛑 Thin & Crispy

One of the unique attraction of this cookie is the Thin Light Crispy Texture with rainbow colour attracts many to crave this buttery cookie. It was once upon a time a viral cookie and a tradition that must have during Hari Raya and now it evolves into many festive. Due to its time consuming in preparing the cookies not many bakers are willing to make this.

🛑 we use pure butter and ghee in all our cakes & bakes

🛑 Ingredients:- Butter, Sugar, Egg, Flour, Vanilla Extract

🛑 Net Weight :- Big Tub approx. 185gm, Small Tub approx. 95gm

🛑 Shelf Life & Storage :- Unopened up to 2 months. Best to consume within 2 weeks after open. Keep in dry cool place


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