Chrysanthemum Cookie




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Chrysanthemum cookie might not be everyone’s cup of coffee. It’s buttery and tender, sweetened to perfection and full of chrysanthemum’s light floral fragrance that lingers in the mouth as an aftertaste.

P.S. It’s eggless too.

In Lovely pine, we ensure a good range of ingredients is being used in all our bakes that includes even our Chrysanthemum Flowers.


🛑 Ingredients :- Butter, Sugar, Flour, Corn Flour, Chrysanthemum flower, salt, Sugee Flour

🛑 Net Weight -approx. 230-250gm per tub approx…30 to 33 pieces (depending sizes)

🛑 Shelf Life & Storage :- Unopened up to 1 month. Best to consume within 2 weeks after open. Keep in dry cool place.


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