Dark Chocolate Chips Cookie Macadamia – Eggless




🛑🛑  This yummy PREMIUM MACADAMIA choc chips cookies can be very nostalgic with our enhanced traditional recipe. Rich in flavour and filled with hands full of Chocolate Chips.  You’re left with the perfect chocolate chip cookie with each bite just melts in your mouth, and the sound of sinking your teeth into this cookie is something you just have to experience to understand! It is an experience by itself.

🛑  Ingredients :- Butter, Brown Sugar, Milk, Flour, Dark Chocolate Chips, Vanilla Essence, Macadamia nuts

🛑  Net Weight -approx. 210-230gm per tub approx…30 pcs to 35 pcs (depending sizes)

🛑  Shelf Life & Storage :- Unopened up to 1 month. Best to consume within 2 weeks after open. Keep in dry cool place.


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