Teh Tarik Marble Cake Loaf




Our new marble range is – Teh Tarik Marble Loaf,  is milky, moist, fluffy and buttery at the same time. We can’t tell you how good it taste but a must buy cake !!! 😛😛😛 We use pure butter for all our cakes & bakes. 

All TIME favourite Marble cakes are such classic that we incorporate our LOCAL TASTE of Teh Tarik into sweet desserts,  beautifully made with the twirling and combining of colours and flavours to create an amazing cake or loaf. What I really love about this marble cake is that you get the best of two favourite flavours in one.

🛑 Weight :-  330 gm per loaf

🛑 Ingredients🎂: 👉Butter, Flour , Sugar, Eggs, Milk, Milk Tea Powder, Tea Emulco

🛑 Storage: 👉 Can keep 2-3 days in room temp, after which keep in fridge up to 7 days. Microwave it for 20-30 seconds





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