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🛑🛑  Kimchi tested Halal by Jakim lab panel

💯 Best Seller Kimchi  – Kimchi is originated from Korea, a traditional side dish with name varies depending on the type of vegetables being used. Napa Kimchi is known as Long Cabbage Kimchi in simple term, is a recipe being revised for the best of taste. Most popular & most versatile. HEALTHY & TASTY!  

❤️  If you are looking for good Kimchi, you are in the right place !!! We prepare the best NAPA KIMCHI for you to enjoy our Kimchi, a true expression of the complexity of umami, It has a well-rounded smell & taste from fresh ginger, garlic, onions and Korean Red pepper flakes ( gochugaru) with loads of radish & carrots in it. It taste just so good and you can finish one tub of kimchi in one sitting. We have high repeat orders for our Kimchi.❤️

What else can we say about KIMCHI, It’s low in calories with a impressive list of nutrients, vitamins, fibre and minerals. Kimchi contains healthy bacteria and probiotics, which is effective at reducing cholesterol and improving gut health. the list goes on ..etc…..

Customer’s feedbacks speak a thousand words on our Kimchi kimchi!! A recipe you must try ya!!! Browse through REVIEW section in our fb page before you decide to try out 😍😅

🛑  Suitable for Vegetarian & Vegan

🛑  Ingredients :- Napa Cabbage, Salt , Radish, Carrot , Green Onions, Chives, Coriander, Flour, Sugar, Garlic, Ginger, Onion, Soya Sauce , Korean Hot Pepper Flakes

🛑  Glass Jar – 280gm
🛑  Vacuum pack – 1kg

🛑 Storage :- Store in fridge up to 6 months – kimchi doesn’t go ‘bad’ in usual sense but it “ripen” and turn aggressively sour, thats when you use for cooking & for soup.

NOTE:- Peninsular Malaysia

Only Vacuum pack  – prevent leakage




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