Penang Rojak Sauce – Vegetarian




Malaysian’s favourite ????? Rojak Sauce la !!!!which is pretty common amongst Malaysians, apa lagi, yummy sedapnya!! It is sweet, salty, sour, crunchy and spicy all at once. This sauce is concentrated, so if you’re doing a taste test, don’t be alarmed by its intensity! When mixed in with the other ingredients, the juices from the salad will help to temper the overwhelming flavours of the sauce.

Do add the sauce sparingly. You can mix or dip in with any type of fruits and vegetables..sour mango, green apple, cucumber, pineapple, guava, sengkuang and many more…etc. you may add bunga kantan, ground nut nibs or sesame seed for extra flavour.

Being a fan of fruit Rojak, the rojak sauce must be really authentic as in taste. We improvised from the previous version in terms of taste and its thickness. So its time to savour our favourite.

❣️❣️ Ingredients ❣️❣️
Sweet Sauce, Vege Belacan Powder, Maltose, Sugar, Asam Jawa, Chili Powder, Plum sos, Sesame seed

🛑 Net Weight -approx.200 per bottle

🛑 Shelf Life & Storage :-  Keep in the fridge for 6 months.


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