Pineapple Ball Tart – Eggless


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Our BEST SELLER 100% Malaysianized Pineapple Tart is rich in butter taste, little crisp that melt in the mouth with our sweet and sour pineapple jam.😋😋😋 Bukan main main (😛😂)….Ours is on a low sweet version.

🛑 Ingredients :- Butter, Sugar, Salt, Flour, Corn Flour, Vanilla Extract, Pineapple Jam

🛑 Cookies weight:- 336g – 21 pieces

🛑 Shelf Life & Storage :- Unopened up to 1 month. Best to consume within 2 weeks after open. Keep in dry cool place

🛑  Extra Tips:- u can always keep in fridge for freshness & microwave for 10-15seconds

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