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Being a pineapple tart lover myself, having to cook my own pineapple jam is a must to achieve my desired taste and aroma with the idea to cater to Malaysian taste buds. The sweetness and the fragrance of the pineapple jam accompanied with buttery
pastry. A must try for Pineapple tart lovers!!

We sell all year round, BEST SELLER 100% Malaysianized

We sell 3 types of pineapple tart :-
Pineapple Jam Tart (open-faced tart) 18g each
Pineapple Ball Tart (enclosed tart) 16g each
Pineapple Shaped Tart (enclosed tart) 43g each

🛑  Ingredients:- Butter, Sugar, Salt, Flour, Egg, Corn Flour, Vanilla Extract, Pineapple Jam

🛑  Cookies weight:- 336g – 21 pieces

🛑  SHELL LIFE & STORAGE :- Best up to 1 month. Keep in dry cool place, Finish within 2 weeks after open.

🛑  Extra Tips:- u can always keep in fridge for freshness & microwave for 10-15seconds

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3 reviews for Signature Pineapple Ball Tart

  1. Vean

    Must try – Melt in your mouth and taste delicious! Lot of pipeline filling inside!

  2. Cindy

    pineapple ball tart is the bomb! It’s one of those you MUST eat !

  3. Mandy Ng (verified owner)

    This Pineapple Ball Tart really melt in your mouth. As I have spoken to the lady boss, I got to know that they use quality and premium ingredients for all their cookies. They even cook their own pineapple paste, to ensure the quality and taste of the cookies is always consistent. Highly recommended!

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